"um novo chef e um novo conceito no topo do hotel The Lumiares A new chef and a new concept at The Lumiares"

October 2018

Press - The Lumiares

"beautifully renovated 18th century Lumiares…"

August 2018

Press - The Lumiares

"the terrace is a fashionable bar looking out over the castle"

August 2018


"beautifully renovated 18th century Lumiares…"

July 2018

"...a love letter to the country's materials, craftsmanship, traditions and food."

May 2018

"Las amenities de Claus Porto son exquisitas."

"The Claus Porto amenities are esquisite."

May 2018

"The facilities and standards of a five star hotel with the style of a high-end apartment."

May 2018

"Conheca uma das incriveis Suites do The Lumiares."

"Exploring one of the incredible Suites at The Lumiares."

May 2018

"Conheca o maravilhoso Spa do The Lumiares."

"Get to know the wonderful Spa at The Lumiares."

May 2018

"The Lumiares Hotel is a new star in Lisbon's accomodation scene…"

May 2018

Why Lisbon is becoming Europe's go-to weekend break destination

"il s’agit de l’un des meilleurs hôtels de la ville que j’ai pu découvrir"

"this is one of the best hotesl I've found in Lisbon"

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48 hours in Lisbon

"The hotel is super stylish and modern but also very comfy"


"Ideal para familias y parejas"

"Ideal for families and couples"


Where to stay in Portugal Now

"Fevereiro e o mes dos namorados no Hotel Lumiares"

A whole month of Valentine's at The Lumiares Hotel"

Laid-back Lisbon:  handpicked selection of the city's best spas

"Wat een pareltje van een hotel!"

"What a gem of a hotel!"

TOP 10: The best five-star hotels in Lisbon

"Cinco Estrelas"

"Five Stars"

An Insider's Guide to the best spa hotels in Lisbon

"Le camere sono dei mini appartamenti trendy"

"The rooms are trendy mini apartments"

Chic, Cosy et Gourmet

"located in a historic building in the heart of the Bairro Alto neighbourhood with a stunning view of Lisbon"

'"Lumni tem uma vista de 180 graus Lumni has 180 degree views"

John A.C.Marques

"Charming rooftop bar and a fantastic SPA…"

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Romantic Hotels in Lisbon: The loveliest Places to Stay

"La vocation de la societe (est de) renover des batiments historiques pour y installer des hotels de charme" "The plan is to renovate historic buildings to create charming hotels"

"They say Lisbon is Europe's coolest capital right now and The Lumiares deserves its place at the top of the hill…"

"Two bom ver espacos como este a embelezar ainda mais a minha Lisboa"

"So good to see spaces like this making Lisbon even more beautiful"

"Um oasis de charme e tranqulidade"

"An oasis of charm and tranquility"

"The Lumiares Hotel feels like a home away…"

"This painstakingly-restored mansion home offers boutique accomodations in one of Lisbon's most central locations."

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"This gorgeous boutique hotel has captured the elusive home-away-from-home magic perfectly"

"The interior design shows the desire to showcase the best of Portugal"

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"Quanto ao spa vale a pena visitá-lo mesmo que não esteja hospedado no Lumiares."

"It is worth visiting the Spa even if you are not staying at The Lumiares"

"It's the personality and charm of the historic building that is the standout"

"Descrobimos um boutique hotel onde reina a tranquilidada"

"We discovered a hotel where tranquility reigns"

"Um nova hotel com uma vista desafogada sobre a cidade"

"A new hotel with a panoramic view over the city"

"Perched on one of Lisbon's seven hills in the charming Bairro Alto district…"

"This beautifully renovated palace houses 53 luxuriously spacious suites..."

"O projeto trouxe o que de melhor se faz em Portugal para dentro do hotel"

"The project brought the best of Portugal inside the hotel"

"A alma do bairro está bem retratada no hotel"

"They have captured the soul of the neigbourhood."

"has captured the elusive home-away-from-home magic perfectly"