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Discovering Green Street

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Tucked away between Santos and Santa Catarina, Rua da Silva, known to locals as Rua Verde – Green Street – is well worth a visit.

Unlike the better-known Pink Street (rua Nova do Carvalho) and Blue Street (rua dos Bacalhoeiros), it doesn’t owe its moniker to the colour of the pavement – although it is equally instagrammable. The nickname came about because of the abundance of flowers and plants that grace the buildings, and its concept of sustainability.

Green Street grew from a shared love of plants by a resident and a business owner, sparking an association in the neighbourhood. Since 2018, the events team has organised neighbourhood meetings and botanical workshops. All the while promoting environmentally friendly habits and pushing for actions to boost local businesses.

But this street is more than just a place to wander through. There’s a wide variety of restaurants serving Portuguese delicacies (petiscos), African street food and even Dutch snacks. A few shops add to the charm of the street, such as Tania Gil Jewelry and Barro Store, where you will find ceramics and clothes.

Plus, there’s Buna Specialty Coffee a few steps away, a cosy cafe ideal for remote working. Ask at reception if you want us to point you in the right direction – it’s only about ten minutes walk away and worth it to see one of the prettiest streets in Lisbon.